About Iowa COVID-19 Tracker

I took this selfie on Zuma Beach on 3/22/2019, on our last day in LA for Auriel’s “home” conference (The Society for Brain-Mapping and Therapeutics)

I have been tracking the pandemic in Iowa since the first three positives were identified and communicated to the public on 3/8/2020.

Many of my family and friends have been negatively affected by COVID-19. My junior high coach succumbed to COVID-19 in Iowa City, Iowa.

I post twice daily on Facebook with a detailed update concerning changes around 12PM and 12AM. I also livestream my screen and whatever I am listening to via Twitch while updating data. The livestream starts around 10:15AM/PM with the download promptly at 10:30AM/PM.

I have been featured in The Des Moines Register, Channel 5 in Des Moines, The Cedar Rapids Gazette, and WHO13 in Des Moines.

I have Common Variable Immune Deficiency and Reactive Airway Disease. I infuse with Hizentra IgG twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which is dispersed into my subcutaneous fat layer. I also have many other comorbidities that put me at high risk for severe disease presentation with COVID-19. My husband and I, along with our son, went into immediate voluntary isolation and have had not been within 50 feet of anyone other than each other since 3/8/2020. We make trips to Iowa City so that we can sit in our car and talk to my mom on the phone, while she sits in her car.

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Contact Info for Sara Anne Willette

Title: Founder & Chief Data Officer
Email: sara.anne.willette@gmail.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/sara.anne.miller
Twitter: @amethystarlight

Contact Info for Auriel A. Willette

Title: Chief Operating Officer
Email: aurielwillette@gmail.com
ISU Webpage: Dr Auriel Willette

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