Winneshiek County

Population: 19991

Active Infections

Snapshot Statistics

These tables are calculated at 10:30 AM/PM from data downloaded from COVID-19 in Iowa.
12-Hour Values
12-Hour Positivity % 12-Hour Positives 12-Hour Tests 12-Hour Deaths
12.50 1 8 0
Cumulative Values
According to the World Health Organization, countries/states/counties with extensive testing should be at a positivity of 5% or lower. A high positivity rate means that testing is revealing predominantly symptomatic positives and might be missing asymptomatic/subclinical positives. Positivity over a 12-hour period should return a similar positivity percentage, provided that enough testing is being done everyday.
Case Fatality Rate
Hospitalizations by Day
This data is sourced from COVID-19 in Iowa in the PDF available below the graphs and table on the first page. It is normally out-dated by at least 2-4 days and is only updated by the state a few days each week. Unfortunately, the data is not as complete as Iowans deserve on the county level.

24-Hour Positivity

Daily Graphs

Cumulative Graphs

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